What is it that America has but India doesn’t?

What is it that America has but India doesn't? by Ravi Sharma

Answer by Ravi Sharma:

  1. Amazing roads and infrastructure

Roads are really good, flyovers are well maintained and monitored. Railway stations are clean and there is comparatively less crowd in trains, buses and other public conveyance,

2. Police patrolling through Helicopters is something so unusual for India. In America this sight is common and local police is provided with many other facilities like shock gun, good cars and high tech weapons to face hardcore criminals and gangs.

3. Extensive use of Wood and thermocol in building houses

Also, they have basement in their homes build for saving life during tornadoes and storms. To save house from snow storms, houses are designed and assembled in special way.

4. Unemployment wages

There are provisions of unemployment wages for eligible candidates in USA.

5. Skyscrapers of the USA are enormous and standing tall almost everywhere across the country.

6. Well categorized and easily accessible dustbins. These dustbins are properly maintained by state municipalities and local authority. As a result roads and surrounding are clean and hygienic.

7. Amazing gas stations – Gas stations in America are multi purpose with options like coffee, food items, confectionery and departmental stores.

8. Driving – Majority of the cars are automatic, highways are smooth and roads are free from hurdles, breakers and dig-holes.



What is it that America has but India doesn't?


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