Why is Ajit Doval considered a god sent person?

Why is Ajit Doval considered a god sent person? by @LeninW07

Answer by Lenin Goud:

Ajith Doval was giving a guest lecture..And a student asked a query.
In explanation he stated this referring to Pakistan.

" You do one more Mumbai..You may lose Balochisthan ! "

An NSA stating so boldly against other country is so rare. But Ajith Doval doesn't care. He's that Bad-Ass, which any country wish it could get.

Here's a list of his accomplishments. (only known ; ) )

1. In 1980's Doval is renowed to have infiltrated the underground Mizo National Front and broke the back of MNF. (anti national org.)

2. Doval was India’s main negotiator with the hijackers of Indian Airlines’ flight IC-814 that was hijacked and taken to Kandahar in 1999.
( Even a movie was made on it TELUGU- GAGANAM ).

3. Doval Spent as a secret operative in Lahore, Pakistan for 7 years!
   one of his stories here.


4. He was in the Golden Temple in the days leading up to the Indian Army’s Operation Blue Star. He posed as a Pakistani Spy, gained the militants plans, their intel, reinforcements available to them and various other valuable information.

5. In Kashmir, Doval persuaded prominent militants like Kukkay Parey, and turned himself and his colleagues into ‘moles’ in the terrorist outfit. He then pacified these anti-India outfits and turned them peaceful.

6. Recently, Doval was main player in getting back 45 nurses from Iraq when the nation was under fire from ISIS.

7. Ajit Doval is also known to have a hand in Sri Lanka’s last Presidential elections.

8. Lastly, his age is 71. But does he seem so ?

Only known things could sum up that he is one of that god sent persons. Imagine about the unknown things of him..as a SPY.

Cheers 🙂 Respect Doval !!

Why is Ajit Doval considered a god sent person?

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