Which is the worst company to work in India?

Which is the worst company to work in India? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

Hey Guys!!

I am talking about Jindal steel and power.

Yes!! you heard right..I am working here for the last 2 years as an Junior Engineer and came to know that one who takes more responsibilities irrespective of their designations are forced to carry more and more load as donkeys..umm..no..no..Even donkeys will refuse to carry that much of load..

Here an AGM supervise and shifts the scrap personally,a manager works as a site engineer and a junior/Asst engineer plans and executes the project.

Actually we are in steel plant projects,Official timing is 9.00 Am–6.00 Pm but we are forced to come at 7.30 Am and before 10 pm you cannot leave your respective sites.Yes!! you heard right..its about 15 hours a day and no sunday exists here.

No sunday..can you imagine..??

Lets,Calculate the working hour per week-15*7=105 hours

As per labour law in india, Max working hour per week is 48 hours only.

2.18 times!!! but our salary is fixed,no overtime,no incentives,no appraisal,no promotion even no appreciation.

I will never recommend any one to join here otherwise nobody could save you except your resignation..

I will say it is worst than that of HELL..

Which is the worst company to work in India?


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