Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?

Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of? by Rishi Rathi

Answer by Rishi Rathi:

You must have heard a lot of stories about the bonding between humans and animals.

Though animals can’t speak, they can understand your feelings towards them.

If we show affection towards them, then they will reciprocate with double the affection.

In this story, you will see a beautiful example of an amazing bonding between a man and birds which could prove to be an inspiration for millions of people.

Chennai, Tamilnadu

Mr. Sekar resides here and works as a camera repairman.

But he wakes up at 4:30 a.m daily.


He doesn’t wake up early to repair the cameras.

Instead, he prepares 60 kilograms of rice

No…No… Not to organise a feast…

He just spreads the rice on the terrace to feed the parrots

Almost 4,000 parrots gather to eat it.

YES. You read it right. 4,000 parrots.

I am sure you are astonished!

Therefore, he is known as India’s Birdman.

India’s Birdman always had an affinity towards animals.

But few years ago, after Tsunami, Mr. Sekar’s life changed.

One day, two parrots came down to his house.

He fed them rice.

Then the next day, two more parrots came along.

Mr. Sekar fed them too.

On the following days, more parrots came and their number kept on increasing.

Parrots are true friends. They have their fill and share their food with others too.

What else then?

The parrots realized that there’s a noble man here who arranges for their food.

The routine of parrots’ arrival and getting fed by Mr. Sekar continued. And he feeds almost 4000 parrots today.

He does all this by himself.

He spends 40 percent of his income on this!

Hats off to this man!

To make sure that he doesn’t miss feeding the parrots for even a single day he never goes on vacation.

I must say, such an affection is a paradigm in itself.

His dedication towards parrots proves another aspect of generosity of Indian people.

Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?


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