What is the most Indian thing ever?

What is the most Indian thing ever? by Pratyush Sinha

Answer by Pratyush Sinha:

The most Indian thing ever?

Oh, There are many!

  1. Burger (FOOD)

Well many of you might say burger is not Indian. Well it’s not, but we made it Indian by putting ‘aloo tikki’ instead of beef so that our vegetarian friends could enjoy this wonderful fast food.


Indians love western toilets and it’s not an exception anymore in India.

But wait! There’s a problem. We are not used to toilet paper yet. So replace it with a hose!

3. Clothing

We fused Indian ‘comfort’ and the Western ‘style’ as well by replacing pants with ‘lungis’!

or jeans and ‘kameez’!

4. Indian Cigarettes

Cigarettes were quite expensive for some people in India. So we tried to give them an Indian makeover and came up with Bidi (Indian cigarettes).

5. Ceremonies

The Beating Retreat ceremony which continued from the British Era was also given an Indian touch.

Soldiers playing Indian instruments in Beating Retreat Ceremony.

6. The Persian brought their music into India but Indians didn’t boycott it. Instead we mixed their music with ours to create beautiful musical forms like ‘Qawwali’.

7. The ‘Hindustani’ form of architecture was also created by mixing the Indian and the Persian styles. Taj Mahal is a beautiful examples of this type of architecture.

8. The English language was brought by the British to India but now India is the world’s second largest English speaking population.

9. Potatoes came from Portugal and tomatoes came from Americas but India is the world’s second largest producer of both of them.

10. Papaya came from Central America but who is its largest producer today? It’s India.

Out of the numerous kinds of food,clothing,music,architecture that came into the Indian land, all were welcomed and were given an indigenous touch so as to match the Indian way of living. This by far is the most Indian Thing Ever!

EDIT 1: The attire which was misinterpreted as ‘lungi’ is actually a ‘dhoti’.

EDIT 2: Potatoes first originated from Peru but were brought to India by the Portuguese sailors.

What is the most Indian thing ever?


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