What are some little-known reasons behind stuff used in cars?

What are some little-known reasons behind stuff used in cars? by Hudson George Thomas

Answer by Hudson George Thomas:

Interesting Question – Here is a list I love to explain.

1. Land Rover's Logo position.

The position of Land Rover's Logo in the front grille have an interesting story. In this case the horn sound was not resonating well and this lead to the shifting of logo sidewise. It become permanent in future models. Today any Landrover designed is following sideways logo.

2. Hole in Renault's Logo.

The hole in Renault logo was also introduced when the horn sound was not resonating well. Once the logo with a hole was introduced, it became the logo for all future cars.

3. Oil stick or dipstick for cars have an O-shape to signify Oil (engine oil)

Dipstick or Engine Oil Stick have an O-grip to hold and lift the stick. The Letter 'O' for Oil is cleverly incorporated in the design to easily differentiate it from Transmission Oil.

Bonus : Transmission oil Dip stick could look like a T shape (Edit Answer for Sylvain Nadiama )

4. Accelerator, Brake, and Clutch Pedal Layout.

The height of the accelerator pedal is always smaller than the brake pedal. This was introduced to boost the cognitive ergonomics.

Early in 1960's there were many accidents due to unintended acceleration. In case of an emergency, where the brake to be applied, drivers used to press the accelerator mistakenly, causing severe accidents.

Therefore the design of the accelerator pedal has always been kept below the brake. So in case of an emergency the driver has to lift the leg from the accelerator pedal to press the brake pedal.

This design philosophy is followed by most OEM's in the world.

Edit : This pedal layout also helps when heel/toe downshifting (braking while simultaneously blipping the throttle to match engine speed) your foot can easily straddle both the brake and gas pedal.

Edit Thanks Marc Hoag

5. Door Inner Handle Release.

The inner door handle is always released by pulling. This was introduced to avoid accidentally opening of doors by touch or pressing against the door trims. This is also universally followed by most OEM's in their design.

6. Roof Deflector Lines

Roof Deflector lines are embossed in the Roof of many cars. This is evident from the crease lines pressed to roof sheet metal. This allows the water to flow toward the backside of the vehicle while the vehicle is moving. It also helps to reduce the rain water to fall on the person when opening the door.

Edit: The Crease line also improve the stiffness of Roof Panel and reduces noise while cruising

Edit Thanks : Abhijit Ravindra Chaudhari, Kevin Spinks Michael DiBiasio

7) Notch for Car Jack Point.

Most cars have a Car Jack point and normally give with a notch at the Sill (Rocker Panel ) Bottom. So next time when you lift to your car, look for the notch mark and use your Car Jack.

8) Head Rest Iron Rod-

Most companies make the headrest with iron rod. Well the use of it is sometimes mentioned in the manuals. Headrest iron rods could be used for breaking the side glass if you are stuck up in the car.

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Edit 1: Added credits for images and new info on roof reflector lines.

Edit 2 :Added Jack point and Headrest Rod usage.

What are some little-known reasons behind stuff used in cars?


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