What are some unknown facts about Kerala and Kerala people?

What are some unknown facts about Kerala and Kerala people? by Swats Saru

Answer by Swats Saru:

God's own country seems to be making it ahead of its time and has been doing so for quite a while. Other than beautiful mountains and rivers that it has to offer, Kerala happens to be the state that has been a first in many things.

1. It was declared by the U.N. as the only state in the country which lies in the very high Human Development Index (HDI) in the year 2013.

HDI is a statistic of life expectancy, education, and per capita indicators. Kerala received a note of congratulations from the UN for being the first and only state in the country whose loss with regard to inequality of education was 17%, with Madhya Pradesh being the highest at 36%.

2. Kerala is the only state in the country that's almost met the U.N.'s standard, bringing Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) down to 6 per 1000 live births.

Now at par with the U.S. in IMR, Kerala brought down its IMR to a single digit. This means survival of a child beyond the age of one has been brought down to 6, per 1000 children. The state now plans to bring down the maternal mortality rate to 30.

3. Kerala's the first state to launch a transgender policy in the country of India.

During the first International Conference on Gender Equality, State Chief Secretary unveiled the document of 'State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala'. In a bid to make it effective, The Department of Social Justice is to conduct a mid-term evaluation to look into the policy implementation and its results in 2018.

4. Kerala went on to open the first transgender school of the country,in Kochi.

Sahaj International in Kochi is now known as a skill development center to transsexual school dropouts. They will be trained under the National Open School System. It's the first of its kind and will guide students through examinations equivalent to 10th and 12th.

5. In Malappuram district, a tribal village located 400 km from Kerala's capital was declared the first to go cashless after demonetisation.

99% population of the village is well versed with using smartphones and within a month of demonetisation, every household had at least one member who was well-trained in doing cashless transactions. Just, wow.

6. Kerala has also been declared as the first digital state

It holds the pride of having 100% mobile connectivity and 75% Internet literacy in the past few years. President Pranab Mukherjee launched Kerala's digital empowerment campaign and declared it the first digital state of the country.

7. The village of Kunnamthanam is now a complete yoga village, yet another first in the country.

Temples, villages, and NGOs of this village work towards the title of 'Complete Yoga Village'. Trying to make yoga an integral part of the lifestyle of the people. The village is also planning on organizing a mega yoga show, in a bid to encourage more people.

8. Kerala's the first state to achieve 100% primary education.

The primary education equivalency drive of the state literacy programme, Athulyam was a mega success when Kerala was declared the first state to achieve 100% literacy. The objective was to achieve total Plus-Two education, which it did.

9. Kerala is the first to achieve a sex ratio like no other in the country.

For every 100 men, there are 109 women in Kerala. It's one one of the very few places in the world where women outnumber men. The jump made from the 2001 ratio of 1,058, it's commendable.

10. The best of all of these has been Kerala being the first to declare the internet as a human right.

There has been a proposition in the state budget to provide the internet to 20 lakh families either at a subsidized rate or free of cost. High-speed internet connectivity is a basic right in many developed countries, and e-literacy should not be a barrier for a state that's moving so fast towards a digital economy.

11. It's the only state in the country that will greet you with a dowry-free zone.

Nilambur village of Kerala is the only one in the country that greets you with a sign board that says: Dowry Free Zone. This was done by a series of projects and workshops that helped wean the people away from the custom of dowry. With a 'Dump dowry' association and informants deployed to tip off such cases, the practice was completely removed from the village.

Source : ScoopWhoop

What are some unknown facts about Kerala and Kerala people?


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