Who is the most overrated Indian celebrity?

Who is the most overrated Indian celebrity? by Radhika Harlalka

Answer by Radhika Harlalka:

This man. I know my answer may be downvoted because I’m naming him, but I personally feel so.

Now you’ll ask me why?

Let me jot down my points:

  1. His movies are no more than a piece of crap. Except for Bhajrangi Bhaijaan, I guess all his movies have nothing new to offer. The same old crappy dialogues, showing his macho-ness with a non-script movie is what he makes and earn hundreds of crores. Whatever the hell is with the stupid dialogues, “hum tumme itne ched kar denge …..” (I will make so many holes in you…) He doesn’t have a bit of acting skills, but well he is Bhai Jaan, so his movies have to enter the 100 crore club. Bullshit.
  2. He can get away with anything. He has killed an animal and a human, had a fight with people who are way better than him (read SRK and of course his ex girlfriend Aishwarya Rai) and the worst, he has disrespected women but well Bhai Jaan got away with everything.
  3. Remember that insensitive rape comment when he compared his exhaustion in shooting for a movie to a raped woman? And still after so much, he is God because well, Salman Bhai. He thinks adopting one girl from the road (read Arpita Khan) and marrying her off in a extensive ceremony makes him a star. Hell. No. A person’s character is judged by how he behaves in front of people he doesn’t know, rather than whom he knows. Just because he runs that famous Being Human, doesn’t make him a good human in the long run.
  4. Salman Khan's statement on the 26/11 attacks. Salman irked the nation when he put forth his comment on this incident. In an interview with a Pakistani channel, he mentioned that the attacks were highlighted because they were targeted towards Mumbai's rich and elite and because they took place at a prominent 5-star hotel in the city. If he can say this about India on a Pakistani channel, why do we make him a hero in India and help him earn his livelihood.
  5. Slapping fans and bodyguards. Salman Khan is famous for his temper and has lost his cool time again and again. He has slapped his fans for intruding into his privacy and slapped his bodyguard for misbehaving with his fans.
    He once slapped one of his bodyguards, who mistakenly hit a fan while protecting the star. He should learn to keep his temper under control, and understand that he is a public figure, and he has no right to slap people who are below him.

Edit 1: Thank you for the overwhelming response; it’s the first time my answer crossed 100 upvotes. You guys are awesome! 🙂

Edit 2: OMG! 1k upvotes 🙂 I could have, never even in my dreams, thought this answer would be so appreciated and well-taken. Thank you fellow Quorans! 🙂

Who is the most overrated Indian celebrity?


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