Why doesn’t India have an ally like Pakistan has China?

Why doesn't India have an ally like Pakistan has China? by Romit Jain

Answer by Romit Jain:

India has probably 5 allies which could counter these “uncertain” friends like china and Pakistan. China is just using Pakistan as a pawn for its own benefits. China will take away its hand when it sees Pakistan unable to pay its RENT.

Japan — India and Japan's relations had never been so worthful as they are today. Japan had always helped India in terms of technology, economic, defence links.

  • India had signed Nuclear deal with japan. After this deal, japan will supply nuclear fuel, technology, reactors to India.
  • Japan is also supporting India in “Make in India” program.
  • Japan had also supported India in bullet train technology transfer. They ensure India for increasing trade among two countries.
  • Japan supports India in building of smart cities. Japan had approved many loans, investment on infrastructure projects. They had started investing in our country.
  • Japan had agreed to support India in “Skill India” and “Digital India” programmes.
  • We had signed a deal for purchasing 2 US-2 seaplanes.
  • India's linking with japan is a major headache for china as japan, India and The USA had their war drills in pacific, Indian Ocean and Philippines sea, very close to disputed south China sea.

Israel — India and Israel had organised about 20 state visits after 2014. Israel has never stood against India. Israel supported India during 1998 nuclear test.

  • India has signed a defense deal with Israel of about 3 billion $.
  • Israel is helping India in building laser walls along the borders with Pakistan.
  • With Israel collaboration, India is expected to build 100 indigenous missiles.
  • Israel is supporting India’s in “Make in India” program.
  • India has bought barak 8 missile from Israel and one missile has been test fired recently.
  • India had bought all its UAVs from Israel.
  • India will buy spyder (surface to air python and derby) missile system from Israel.
  • Indian government has approved the purchase of phalcon airborne warning and control system from Israel.
  • India will buy MR-SAM missile from Israel.

Vietnam Vietnam is a country which has defeated china and america in war. Having diplomatic relations with these countries is always fruitful.

  • India has supported Vietnam on setting up technological park in Vietnam.
  • India has supported them on purchase of Indian weapons, missiles.
  • India has supported them on many cultural links too.
  • Indian industrialists have agreed to invest in Vietnam.
  • India had helped Vietnam in submarine training.
  • India had collaborated with Vietnam in oil exploration.

Bhutan — Though a smaller country, it has immense importance as it is sandwiched between India and China.

  • PM Modi has chosen this country for his first country visit.
  • India has ensured helping Bhutan in improving digital infrastructure.
  • India has laid stones for hydro power projects in Bhutan.
  • India has built Supreme Court building of Bhutan.
  • Indian government has helped Bhutan in improving cultural links.
  • Indian government has helped Bhutan in stopping infiltration.

Afghanistan —India and Afghanistan are one of best ally of Asia.

  • India has recently built Afghanistan parliament in about 90 million $.
  • India has built Salma dam in Afghanistan as a sign of friendship.
  • India is helping Afghanistan in building its infrastructure.
  • India has built delaram—zaranj highway in Afghanistan of around 200 kms.
  • India is supplying electricity to Afghanistan .
  • India has given financial assistance of 2 billion $ to Afghanistan.
  • India has delivered 3 MI —35 helicopters to Afghanistan.
  • India is supporting Afghanistan in retaining cultural links

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Why doesn't India have an ally like Pakistan has China?

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