What are some interesting facts about Interstellar?

What are some interesting facts about Interstellar? by Surya Teja

Answer by Surya Teja:

  1. To date, this is the most pirated movie in the world
  2. Nolan rented a piece of land 6 months before the shooting and grew corn in that place. That is the location used in the shooting. Later, they sold the corn for a huge profit. Nolan used the 500 acres of corn, which he had from his producing of Man of Steel (2013).
  3. Instead of using green screens, Nolan made the visual effects in the pre production and then projected them on screens for the actors to get the feel of the whole thing
  4. Hans Zimmer was told to make music for a Family drama movie. The one page script given to him consists of a short story of a father leaving his child and coming back to her in the end.
  5. Kip Thorne is an actual Physicist who wrote the story along with Jonathan Nolan.
  6. Many of the IMAX lenses used during filming were prototypes; never before seen, and some last minute modifications had to be made to some of the lenses just days before filming began
  7. There is a NGC documentary explaining the science of Interstellar
  8. Nolan’s favorite movie of all time includes the Kubrick Classic movie “2001: A space odyssey”. It served as a huge inspiration for the film.
  9. Cooper’s first name is never revealed throughout the entire film.
  10. Dr. Mann’s world was filmed on the same glacier used in Batman Begins. When the team was scouting the location, the local tour guide didn’t recognize them and proudly proclaimed “Christopher Nolan once filmed here!”

What are some interesting facts about Interstellar?


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