How does Batman disappear?

How does Batman disappear? by Christian Mueth

Answer by Christian Mueth:

Yeah… That is a bit strange, isn’t it? How does Batman make his escapes, without anybody noticing?

Well, for one thing, Batman is a master escape artist. He can escape just about any trap. As far as I can recall, Batman has never failed. He was even buried alive once, and found a way out:

This is because Batman was trained by the magician “Zatarra” (and, when I say “magician”, I mean it— Zatarra can actually use magic). Batman was trained by Zatarra so well that he ended up actually surpassing Zatarra. The only person in the DC Universe that beats Batman at escape artistry is the “New God” Mr. Miracle.

It stands to reason that, if Batman is that great of an escape artist, he’d have no problem escaping a room without anybody noticing.

There’s something else that we must consider: Batman was trained by martial arts masters all over the world, in various forms of martial arts. And, in this training, he was taught how to be a ninja. So, I’m sure that Batman has no trouble with being stealthy.

Finally, Batman almost always makes these “escapes” of his in dark settings, while wearing his dark costume. It’s very likely that, when people think that he’s “disappeared”, he’s still hidden in the shadows.

Batman might seem ethereal whenever he disappears. But, much like everything else that surrounds Batman’s crusade, he’s actually just using skill and theatrics.

How does Batman disappear?


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