What would be an opening scene if a biopic is made on Rahul Dravid?

What would be an opening scene if a biopic is made on Rahul Dravid? by Anshul Sharma

Answer by Anshul Sharma:

“India trail by 274 Runs” highlights the scoreboard.

Geoffrey Boycott: India has already lost the 1st test. Another loss here would mean losing the series.

Ravi Shastri (RS): India should never have allowed the Aussies to reach 445 after they had them at 269–8.

Geoffrey Boycott: Harbhajan must be wondering what more he could have done after taking that hat-trick. Aussies have got this in their bag.

Ravi Shastri: Well, as they say the match isn’t over until it’s over. Let’s see what India has got in store in their second innings. Mind you, they will be under tremendous pressure having been told to follow-on.

======================India’s 2nd Innings begin=======================


*After the loss of 1st wicket*

Geoffrey Boycott: Looks like India has changed their batting order.

Ravi Shastri: Yeah! It’s the half centurion from last innings instead of the one the whole country is depending on.

*India loses their second wicket and the man the whole country is eagerly waiting for arrives on the crease*

Geoffrey Boycott: He is finally here. I wonder how much pressure he must be feeling.

Ravi Shastri: There is a huge task ahead. His wicket is the difference between a Draw and an Australian win.

*In the meanwhile, camera points at someone who is looking at the match with utmost concentration and suddenly, India loses another wicket.*

Geoffrey Boycott: Australia have got him! Oh my god, that’s a huge wicket. Indian hopes must be dashed after this.

Ravi Shastri: It’s not just another wicket, it’s Sachin Tendulkar. Who can save India now that he is gone. If I was an Indian fan, I wouldn’t keep my hopes high.

*After a decent partnership with Laxman, the captain gets dismissed. Scoreboard reads 232–4*

Geoffrey Boycott: Another one departs. India is still 42 runs behind and Ganguly is gone now.

Ravi Shastri: This seemed like a good partnership. India’s chances of a draw are all but gone.

*India’s No. 6 arrives on the crease and takes his guard.*

There is this steely determination in his eyes even as the crowd starts to leave the stadium. He defends the 1st ball solidly and takes his guard again.

India survive the day without any further loss.


Camera focuses on his eyes again..

They are not blinking, not even for a second while facing the ball, and the next ball and the ball after that. This man is batting with all his concentration on one thing and one thing only, to not lose his wicket.

Day-4 ends with India at 589–4 and now at a position to dictate terms. Laxman is batting at 275 and on the other side is his partner at 155 n.o.


Geoffrey Boycott: When do you think will India declare now? The match has been saved and they should push for a win.

Ravi Shastri: They do seem to be going for quick runs now. Let’s see what score Ganguly finds comfortable to declare at.

*Laxman soon gets dismissed but his partner bats on. He is not giving his wicket away anytime soon.*

Geoffrey Boycott: What an innings has it been. Laxman has played the innings of a lifetime.

Ravi Shastri: He deserves all the applause from the crowd for that. Will India declare now? No signal from Ganguly yet.

*India’s 6th wickets falls and then the 7th wicket through a run-out and it’s him*

Geoffrey Boycott: I don’t think there was any other way to dismiss him. Only a run-out or a declaration could have stopped him from batting today.

Ravi Shastri: I guess this is the reason why they call him ‘The Wall’. If India wins today, he deserves as much credit for it as Laxman.

India wins and there he is finally smiling. Camera points at him again. He is relieved more than anything. He doesn’t want the MOM award or his name in articles tomorrow or on anyone’s lips. He got what he wanted — An Indian win!

He stands there and soaks in the moment. He knows it’s a historical day and he is just glad to be a part of it. He closes his eyes and relives the moments again.

A young Dravid opens his eyes and finds himself sleeping in the classroom after a lengthy practice session.

And the movie resumes….

P.S. Most part of the commentary is a piece of my creation. Scorelines and match situation, however, are factually correct.

What would be an opening scene if a biopic is made on Rahul Dravid?


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