What is Narendra Modi’s biggest bad-ass moment ever?

What is Narendra Modi's biggest bad-ass moment ever? by Ketki Ambulkar

Answer by Ketki Ambulkar:

A few days ago I read this article. Being a doctor I know how tough and astounding it is.


On Friday, 3rd of March, 11pm I got an emergency call from a doctor who was my senior in AMCH. His new born niece was in ventilator and has to be airlifted to Delhi's Sir Gangaram Hospital. The flight will take 6 hours and the ventilator got only 7 hours of power backup. Everything was in order except that the Saturday Delhi traffic on wedding season is a nightmare of highest order. Precious moments were at stake.

My senior asked me to pull some strings in Delhi to bring the national capital's traffic to a halt. An improbable task for someone as ordinary as me.

4th March dawned and my morning round of texts and calls to each and everyone who is powerful enough in Delhi began. One who could help was abroad and busy. Others had no clue.

Meanwhile , the baby girl left Aditya Hospital to Dibrugarh Airport.

At 1pm, they boarded the air ambulance with uncertainty looming.

At 2pm, I called up Kaushik Deka of India Today for guidance and intervention. He called up his contacts but the result was negative. There is just no way.

Finally we decided to do the impossible. Knock at the highest door. Pm Narendra Modi. But Modi and his team was busy in roadshow in Varanasi and the chance of reaching him in so short time is poor.

But we had the personal email of the PM. The mail id that he checks personally on his phone.

We shoot an email. Hoping against hope that he replies in positive.

There was no reply.

At 6pm the plane landed in Lucknow for refuel and there was no sign of anything positive.

Then came the phone calls. This time to KD and me. Calls from Commissioner of Police, Traffic Commissioner of Delhi asking details of the air ambulance and location of evacuation.

Narendra Modi did not reply. He responded and in an unprecedented manner.

At 7.10 pm the flight landed and ambulance was ready. There is now 20 minutes left on the ventilator and the notorious Delhi traffic was at its peak. ACP of Delhi Traffic assured me that the baby will reach hospital in time.

The impossible was happening. All traffic from airport to Gangaram Hospital came to a halt. It was a green corridor passage, something that is reserved for emergencies of VVIPs. Delhi was made to wait to let a 9 day old Assamese girl reach her treatment.

And she reached. With 6 minutes left in her life support.

Modi created a miracle on a day he was far away and busy in campaigning.

Three men in three different places came together to do something rare for a girl they have not seen.

I would have not updated this but the story came out in national media.

Sincere apologies to anyone who might think I am portraying to be a hero. I am not a hero. Modiji is the hero. He responded to a mail sent by unknown people to help unknown people on a day which was crucial for his career. Kaushik Deka is a hero. On a busy day of reporting with so many things happening, he cancelled his meetings to save the child. I , merely, connected the dots.

That's the power of an honest man's work and his dedication.

Take a bow NAMO!!

*It's an article I have read and not written.Thanks for the doctor who brought such events to light for everyone.

Many people are questioning about its credibility .So here's the official news-

How PM Narendra Modi turned saviour for ailing 8-day-old child

What is Narendra Modi's biggest bad-ass moment ever?


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