Why is Modi the biggest liar in the world?

Why is Modi the biggest liar in the world? by Sanjit Kumar

Answer by Sanjit Kumar:

Do you know this man? He was called the biggest liar in 16th century.

He said, “Earth rotates on its axis.”

Today:- nothing new, no one wonders on this statement, no one laughs, no one slaps you. But he was prosecuted for this statement at that time.

Yes, he is Mr. Galileo and he was imprisoned and forced under House Arrest because he challenged the popular belief of Roman Catholics that the earth was the center of the universe and the Sun was revolving around it. This theory was coined by Nicolaus Copernicus for the first time.

400 years later in 1993, the Pope, officially delivered a statement that Galileo was right and they are ashamed of punishing him. He apologized for this blunder of the past.


Presently Mr. Modi is trying to change the popular belief that India can’t be developed. His each and every scheme is achieving huge success.

Nuts & bolts are being tightened first. He is raising small issues like toilets & cleanliness which are essential for any developed country.

He is the only hope for India in next 20–25 years. Those, who are calling him a liar now, will see the result after 5–10 years.

Why is Modi the biggest liar in the world?


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