Has anyone really seen or experienced Lord Shiva?

Has anyone really seen or experienced Lord Shiva? by Sarthak Chatterjee

Answer by Sarthak Chatterjee:

“This is the most supernatural and religious story you will ever hear from an atheist.”

My ancestors from both sides ( paternal and maternal) belongs to very highly respected Brahmin families with a great lineage and background.

This one is the most talked about story from my paternal side which every family member was told at least once in their lifetime:

My grandmother was a very hardworking lady who used to cook for a family of 12–15 members back then everyday ( yes, we had a joint family earlier) and there was a joke that used to circle around that no-one has ever seen my grandmother sleep as she used to wake up early to the tune of 3–4 a.m. and sleep past 11 p.m.

She used to wake up everyday around 3 a.m. or so and there was a temple near the poolside which was about a kilometre away from our ancestral home. She used to walk the path everyday, do her prayers, offer flowers, take water from the pool and offer it to the Shiva idol inside the temple and come back home.


After returning home in an hour or so, she used to have a quick nap of about 30 mins and then get up finally at 05:00 and start her daily chores.

This was the background. Now the story:

One fine day after returning from her prayers she lied down for a quick nap. After about sometime she woke up startled because she had a dream. A very peculiar dream.

An old person ( someone she has never seen before) came in her dreams and told her that today while you were filling the water in the kosha kushi ( it is made of copper and looks like this, below:)

to offer it to Shiva, you accidentally picked me up from the river and while offering water to the Shiva – Linga i fell down. Go and find me.

After she woke up, she clearly remembered the dream and made a dash to the temple and there she found this squarely shaped stone:

Look carefully and tell me what you see.

For a religious person it looks like Lord Shiva is sitting on a bull with Trishula in his left hand. For an atheist it could look like an abstract art but even an atheist like me can’t deny the resemblance.

This stone adorns the prayer room in my father’s brother’s place currently and i took this picture myself when i went to their place to meet them in the morning today.

My father brings it sometimes to our place during specific puja’s and rites every now and then.

Every time i look at this, this makes me a bit uneasy and i am left unsure whether to be an atheist or a theist. That’s why i call myself aesthetically religious sometimes.

Om Namah Shivay.

Has anyone really seen or experienced Lord Shiva?

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