What’s the most mysterious photo ever taken?

What's the most mysterious photo ever taken? by Elias Fredericks

Answer by Elias Fredericks:

The “Russian Sleep Experiment”

This picture was once believed to have been part of the “Russian Sleep Experiment”, which was a hoax that circulated the internet several years ago, where the subjects were given anti-sleeping drugs.

This was the supposed result.

It was proven a hoax, but, still, nobody knows where this picture came from.

Cell Phone in 1938 Movie

See it?

Some people believe that the third women in the back is holding a cellphone, and it sure looks like it to me.

The problem?

This movie was made in 1938.

The “Babushka” lady

This is a picture taken moments after JFK was shot.

Clearly, everyone else in the picture is reacting to the President being shot feet away from them.

She is just standing there.

Here is a picture of her seemingly calmly walking away from the scene, moments later.

The catch?

Nobody can figure out who she is.

There have been FBI investigations into this women, and they can not find any evidence that this women ever existed.


The Black Knight Satellite

Taken in 1957, while taking pictures of the Sputnik II, photographer Dr. Luis Corralos found this bizarre “satellite” orbiting around the earth.

Turns out, that this wasn’t the first time that this was ever noticed. In 1899, Tesla had received radio signal, from this very object. (Before man had ever entered space)

It is believed to have originated over 13,000 years ago in our system.

Crazy? Maybe.

Mysterious? Yep.

What's the most mysterious photo ever taken?

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