Which historical figure is overrated?

Which historical figure is overrated? by Avinash Sharma

Answer by Avinash Sharma:

Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

A law student who returned from London after completing his studies to India. After struggling for couple of year as he was not offered a single legal case, his father Motilal Nehru pushed him into politics and made him a member of Congress.

His birthday is celebrated every year as Children's day but no such evidence had been recorded where his affection was shown towards children except his own. Once in a party meeting when he was about to retire, he proposed the name of his only daughter, Indira as his nominee, who had very​ less experience, despite presence of few veterans in the meeting. Such a decision was criticized by other members. On which he said, “Indu is more capable than any of us”.

Another event, when Cripps Mission came to India to check the scenario of India during the second world war. On a report submitted to British Parliament there was statement which roughly confirmed that Mr. Nehru was a brown britisher and pursued similar thoughts and policies like them.

When we got independence, once he proposed and asked to give the defence authority and power to Britain. When he was asked for a valid reason he said it must be implemented as India had no experience regarding defence force. On which a commander named Nathu Singh said, “yes you're right our country has no experience to lead a defence force and also running any government so why should not we make a Britisher as our Prime Minister . Then Nehru took back his proposal.

On another event, in the Indian Parliament during dispute with China, he stood and said we should let them take our occupied land because they were barren and unfit for any cultivation and make friendship with China. Then a MP present there condemn his idea and said that his bald head was also barren and couldn't grow hair anymore, so why shouldn't​ he give his head to China.

He was a mediocre leader and one of few who promoted partition of India. He wanted to rule the nation by hook or crook. During independence during vote cast, he stood against Sardar Vallabhai Patel and could get only single vote over 13 favouring Sardarji for the post of prime minister.

Which historical figure is overrated?


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