Which are the biggest scams of India?

Which are the biggest scams of India? by Vignesh Chandran

Answer by Vignesh Chandran:

Hyderabadi Biryani Billing Scam !!!

Recently they opened Paradise Biryani in Chennai. Every Biryani lover will know what Paradise Biryani is famous for.

I went to the shop along with few friends.
That was a self service shop. So, We had to get the bill first and then get the food.

The Bill was amounted to Rs.1028.04 and they rounded it off to Rs.1028.00.

But they told me that the total was Rs.1030.00 and they swiped the amount from my card. Normally, I wouldn’t have checked the bill. But that day I checked the bill.

In the bill, The swiped amount was given in Bold and the bill amount was not.

We normally check the amount that is given at the end, and since it was bold, We consider the swiped amount is the bill amount and leave it as such.But I had to wait to get the biryani. So I was checking the bill in the mean time and found out that Rs.2 was missing.

I asked the Manager about this. He told me that it was a mistake made by the person working at the billing counter, who is apparently new, and gave me the change.

But, My friend told me that he had similar experience at McDonald’s. And also, we get the bill after we swipe the amount. So we don’t check the bill normally.

It could be a Scam or It could be a honest mistake by the billing counter guy. But, I wanted to share this to make sure that people check the bill before they swipe the amount hereon.

Which are the biggest scams of India?


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