How can I work as hard as Elon Musk?

How can I work as hard as Elon Musk? by Caesar E. Dillon

Answer by Caesar E. Dillon:

At 22, I wanted to be a millionaire, at least that's what I told my friends, I thought it was a stroll in the park. At the age of 23, My life was worse than when I was 22. Then I clocked age of 24, I still wanted to be rich ( Note that I said “wanted”).

But here is a funny fact, everyone wants to be a millionaire or multimillionaire or billionaire whatsoever you prefer but no one is are committed to becoming one. Yep, commitment. I heard there was once a general who led his army into enemy territory on an island and ordered his soldiers to burn down all the ships they came with and said “ if you desire to go back home, the good news is that we can and the bad news is that the ships are occupied by our enemies”, so the soldiers had no choice but fight and win, they won.

So, when I was 3 months way from making 25, I realized that wanting was just not good enough, in fact, is not even close to being good and it had gotten me where I was. So I knew that if everything in my life had to change, I had to be committed to achieving my goals and I started developing habits and ditching out feelings.

Sometimes I feel like not waking up early and trust me, no one does but I know I have to wake up and to be sincere it was not easy at first but as time goes on it becomes part of you. No one feels like reading, but if you want to improve you have to create a habit of reading every day, if you want to be healthy, you have to create a habit of exercising every single day and so on for every aspect of you life and I promise you will never be the same again.

So to conclude, start developing habits and commit to them, at least that is a start to make real progress. I can tell you that right now am no millionaire “yet” but I am a million times better than me 2 years ago. I have done more progress in less than two years than I have in my entire life.

Reading resource: 7 habits of highly effective people

How can I work as hard as Elon Musk?


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