Who is the worst Indian author?

Who is the worst Indian author? by Jay Desai

Answer by Jay Desai:

The worst Indian author is Arundhati Roy. She has been at the forefront in encouraging anti Indian elements and traitors. Some of her misdeeds;

  • Supports Naxalites : She criticised Indian Government operations against Naxalites. She also described these terrorists as Gandhians.
  • Supports Afzal Guru : She even used to supported the convict of 2001 Indian Parliament attack. She called Afzal Guru a Prisoner of War.
  • Advocates Kashmiri Separatism : She must have been the professor of JNU students I feel. She openly advocated for Kashmir separatism and gave an Anti India Speech in 2010.
  • Supports Taliban : She has openly supported Talibanis in the War on Terror.
  • Criticised India's Nuclear Programme : She was not happy on India becoming a nuclear nation. She wrote End of Imagination to criticise India's Nuclear Weapons.
  • Supported 26/11 Attacks : This was the most heinous comment by her. She linked 26/11 attacks with Gujarat riots and Partition and tried to justified it.
  • Criticised Anna Hazare : She called respected social activist Anna Hazare as an agent of BJP.

I don't know how she is not behind bars yet for making so many anti-national statements and supporting terrorists.

Image Source : Google.

The hanging of Afzal Guru is a stain on India's democracy | Arundhati Roy

Kashmir needs freedom from India: Arundhati Roy – Times of India

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Who is the worst Indian author?


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