What are some famous gestures of respect in sports?

Answer by Mayank Garg:

“I want to talk to you,” Ponting insisted as Dravid stepped on the crease.

Dravid wondered what he had done wrong; on the contrary, Ponting wanted to tell him what he was doing right. Dravid was having a poor series; Ponting urged him to hang in there.

“I know you’re not making runs, and I know there’s probably a bit of pressure on you at the moment,” Ponting told Dravid. “But let me tell you: every time you come in, I tell my guys that you look like you’re going to get runs today. You’ve been getting out, but I reckon there are some big scores around the corner for you.”

(pic courtesy: sports.ndtv.com)

That year, he became the second-oldest batsman behind Sir Bradman to score more than 1000 Test runs in a calendar year.

As some of you have already mentioned, the above piece has been taken from one of the articles in Timeless Steel –  an anthological biography compiling 24 writings. (including one from his wife)

These and other articles make Timeless Steel as much a celebration of a colossal cricketer as it is of an exceptional human being.

What are some famous gestures of respect in sports?


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